New features for opensource version in iCE Hrm v6.0

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With new notifications module employees and managers will receive notifications for various event such as new leave applications, leave approvals, rejections and time sheet submissions.

Improvements to leave module

We have implemented long pending leave accrue and leave carry forward features in leave module. Also now employees are able to see their leave entitlement.

Time sheets made easy

Adding a time entry to a time sheet was bit messy in previous versions. But now we have changed our date controller to make it much easier for users to add time entries. Apart from that now admins can make all or selected set of projects available to employees through a setting in Settings module.

Document management

We have added a new tab in Documents module for admins to access all documents submitted by employees.

New reports

We have added a new report for downloading employee attendance information.

New features in IceHrm release v7.0

It’s time for another feature packed release from IceHrm. Today we are releasing IceHrm v7.0 with new performance charts, improved company structure graph, new...

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