What is IceHrm?

IceHrm is a Human resource management system for small and medium sized organizations. It covers all the basic HRM needs of a company such as leave management, time management and handling employee information.

  • Company Information Management – Store and manage details about how companies, departments and branches of the organisation are connected
  • Basic Employee Management – Store, manage and retrieve employee information when required
  • Time sheets – IceHrm is a timesheet app / Open source timesheet management application to track time spent by employees on various projects
  • Attendance Management – IceHrm can be used as a attendance management system effectively for any size a company.
  • LDAP Login – Users can share login with company LDAP server
  • Travel Management – Module for managing travel requests

    Employee Management

    Advanced Employee Module

  • Update all employee information without having to switch employees.
  • Search employee skills, qualifications and other information
    easily across whole company.
  • Terminate employees while keeping data in system.
  • Re-enable temporarily terminated employees with one click.
  • Employee archive feature to archive data of terminated employees.