Release note v31.0.0.OS

🧲 New features

  • Allow filtering employee skills using either skill or the employee.
  • Employee training sessions ability to filter by employee.
  • Improvements to employee filters in education, certifications, and languages.
  • Ability to set employee status and daily goals.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Filtering fixed on monitor attendance page.
  • Filters on employee travel requests are fixed.
  • Fix issue: searching from any other page than the first page is not showing search results.
  • Fix filters for employee projects.
  • Changes to employee field names are now correctly reflected on employee profiles.
  • Fix company document visibility issues.
  • Show active employee count under the connection module.

💻 For developers

  • Add slider component.
  • Add editor js.

🗑️ Features removed

  • Module grouping feature is removed.

🛡️ Security improvements

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