Release note v32.4.0.OS

🧲 New features

  • PHP 8.1 and MySQL 8.0.32 support.
  • Introducing IceHrm extension market-place.
  • Ability to provide employees access to admin only modules with custom user roles.
  • Delayed payroll processing.
    • Now the payroll is processed using a background cron job. This makes it possible to process a huge amount of employee data in a single payroll.
  • Bulk payslip generation.
    • After the payroll is processed employees will be able to download the payslip via My Documents module.
    • Admins can download the payslips for employees via Document Management module.
    • Employees will be notified when a new payslip is available.
  • Adding a new tab to Documents module for downloading payslips.

🧑🏻‍💻 For developers

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix: employees are not able to edit own profile.
  • Fix: Pagination issues when searching.
  • Fix: Not being able to add long text values to custom field options.
  • Fix Payslip download issue.
  • Fix: Payroll editable fields after the first page cannot be edited.
  • Some minor fixes to validations.

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