Release note v23.0.1.OS

This release includes some very critical security fixes. We recommend upgrading your installation to the latest release. Fixes Fix missing login form CSRF token Fix risky usage of the hashed password in the request

Release note v21.1.0.OS

Features UI improvements (help button and error messages) Allow adding placeholders to test fields Improvements to German Translations (thanks for the effort by Patrick Geselbracht) Fixes Fixing notification issues

Release note v20.3.0.OS

Features Employee and Attendance REST Api Released Import/Export for Payroll Configurations Ability to import employee approved time sheet hours to payroll Swift Mailer based SMTP support (no need to install Net_SMTP anymore) Add direct Edit button on employee list Fixes Fix DB connection issues due to special characters in password Fixes for custom field saving … Read more

Release note v20.2.OS

Release note v20.2 Fixes Fix for resetting modules Release note v20.1 Features Compatible with MySQL 5.7 Strict Mode PSR-2 compatible code Employee History Module Staff Directory Fixes Fix: password reset not working Fix: limiting selectable countries via Settings Fix for resetting modules